Is it odd my Australian Cattle Dogs ears are floppy?


Blue Heelers (and Red Heelers) are a very distinct look and part of that look is their pointy perky ears. This gives them an alert look and actually helps in hearing potential predators approaching by funneling sound. It also allows them to better determine the direction of the sound. However, you may have or have … Read more

Australian Cattle Dog vs Blue Heeler vs Red Heeler

How do the Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler, and Red Heeler differ? There is no difference between these three dog names. They are all the same breed of dog. The official name of the breed is the Australian Cattle Dog. Blue Heeler and Red Heeler refer to Australian Cattle Dogs that are either Blueish or … Read more

How do Blue Heelers show affection – 9 signs they love you


The Australian Cattle Dog (Blue/Red Heeler) is a robust energetic herding breed. They can be independent due to their background as droving dogs that herded cattle with little need for instruction from a handler. However, despite this independence, they require a lot of attention from their owners. This desire for attention can lead to them … Read more

Can a Blue Heeler live in an apartment or be a house dog


The Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler/Red Heeler) is a versatile working dog bred for the great outdoors. In our modern world more and more of us are living in cities with intensive housing and apartment living being part of the lifestyle. Does this mean that an Australian Cattle Dog would simply not be an option … Read more