Hiking with an Australian Cattle Dog – best tips

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Are Blue Heelers good hiking companions? A well socialized and trained Australian Cattle Dog makes an excellent hiking companion. They were bred for the outdoors herding cattle all day long. They are able to travel long distances over uneven terrain while herding which makes them excellent hiking dogs. They are an active outdoor breed that … Read more

Are Car Rides Mental Stimulation for Dogs


Does a trip in the car provide enrichment for your dog Yes, without a doubt. Especially sensory enrichment. In a car ride, a dog’s brain is processing all the information their senses are picking up. It also stimulates your dog’s pack and hunting instinct. In addition, the anticipation of the destination stimulates and arouses your … Read more

Is Chewing Mental Stimulation for Dogs


Does chewing provide enrichment for dogs? Yes, Absolutely. Chewing is an instinctive behavior for dogs. It requires focus, concentration, and problem-solving skills. Chewing provides sensory enrichment with the smell and feel of the chew toy and is a natural stress relief flooding their brains with feel-good endorphins. Focus and Concentration Watch a dog chewing a … Read more