Common Australian Cattle Dog behavior issues (solutions)


Are behavior problems common in Blue Heelers? Behavior problems can develop in Blue Heelers such as destructive behavior, nuisance barking, digging, and herding behavior. These usually come as the result of insufficient exercise and mental stimulation, inconsistency in providing rules, boundaries, and expectations, lack of socialization, and their natural herding drive. Aggression in Australian Cattle … Read more

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Dog: Essential Traits and Care Tips

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

The Blue Merle Australian Shepherd is a unique and eye-catching variation of the Australian Shepherd breed. Known for their striking coat patterns and captivating blue eyes, they have gained immense popularity among dog lovers. This breed is not just about looks, as these dogs are also intelligent, energetic, and versatile, making them excellent companions and … Read more

How well do Australian Shepherds get along with other dogs


Are Australian Shepherds good with other dogs? As long as an Australian Shepherd is well socialized they usually are very social and get along great with most other dogs. In general, Australian Shepherds are affectionate, highly social, and have a good-natured temperament. Every dog is an individual, so some Australian Shepherds aren’t good with other … Read more

Why Australian Shepherds are so affectionate [13 ways it shows]


The Australian Shepherd is an active high energy herding breed that loves to be outside playing and keeping busy. They require a reasonable amount of daily exercise. Aussies are also very smart dogs that require as much exercise for their brain as they do their body. An Australian Shepherd that doesn’t receive the physical and … Read more